80 metres below the Corbières Massif in which the Rocbère wines mature in oak barrels, the guided tour to the centre of the Earth takes you on a journey through time. From Antiquity to nowadays, vineyards have been shaping the richness, history and sceneries of that civilisation.

Under the vaults of this gypsum cathedral offering a natural air-conditioning system, between the Mediterranean and the Cathar Country, winemakers have provided their passion and expertise to quench your thirst for emotion, culture and high-quality wines. They make you take part in their passion during an initiatory journey into untouched subterranean magic.
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In 1992, the former gypsum mine of Portel-des-Corbières that was doomed to disuse was finally closed down. That marked the beginning of Terra Vinéa project. Rocbère winemakers decided to buy the mine and convert it into a wine warehouse. A wild gamble which proved to be fruitful. And today, the destination is one of the most popular attractions in Languedoc-Roussillon with 50,000 visitors per year. “It’s unbelievable!” declare tourists visiting the cave. A real 1h30 journey to the centre of the Earth.  

Explorers embark on a long journey along the 800m galleries and they “will not get out unharmed” advises the voice of the place. And a second later, it’s like magic!

In the depths of the cave, the owners have reconstructed a Roman villa where the emphasis is put on the history of wine and gastronomy in Antiquity. Then the journey through time makes a stop in the Middle Ages with a life-size reconstruction of the various ways of drinking wine and eating food at that time. Then for the second part of the tour, the accent is on the ‘Tradition’ stopover. Ploughs, échaudeuses (tools to pour boiling water over grapevines), sulphate sprayers… different wine making tools are displayed in various workshops.  

Before going back to the surface, the tour ends with the visit to a mine dating from the fifties. The owners wanted to pay homage to miners by reconstructing a mine. And afterwards, visitors are offered the tasting of eight different wines. White, rosé, red and muscat wines.